This summer…

Feel inspired.

Embrace support.

Fall in love with your life.

This summer...

Feel inspired.

Embrace support.

Love your life.

Wanna have some FUN together?

Wanna have

some FUN


Care for a little CONNECTION?

Care for

a little


Are you a successful woman who is ripping your hair out with a smile on your face and a little bit of crazy in your eyes?

I see you! You are awesome and passionate but feeling swallowed up by to-do lists, ambitions and responsibilities, right?

I’ll show you how to slow your roll just long enough to listen to your body and your heart, how to create a family/work life that rocks, and to smile with a confident and joyful ‘I got this!’

You are invited to a GIRLFRIEND’S ONLY summer special with a Joyologist!

Welcome to HARMONIZING with Mel Stahl!
Learn how to:

  Create boundaries & identify energy drains

  Find fulfillment in your personal & professional life

  Recognize false beliefs & kick them to the curb

  Build self-trust & self-compassion

  Amplify your creativity & productivity

  Awaken passion & meaning in your life

  Harmonize & balance feminine & masculine energies

  Release fears & understand what’s holding you back

  Reconnect with your true self

  Shift your life from burned out to blissed out

Private VIP Days available as an add-on if you would like to dive deeper into a particular area of your life.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  4 intimate group sessions: 90 minutes each, meeting twice in July and twice in August on a date/time that works for the entire group. ** Each group session will include a healthy delicious meal prepared by Chef Jess! **

•  2 private sessions: 75 minutes each in Mel’s office ($1000 value)

  4 healing & energizing Nia classes: 60 minute classes can be taken any time during the months of July and August with Mel, Nia Black Belt, in the NeXt Us lower level studio.

  Confidence: Leave our summer months together inspired knowing that you CAN make changes and mindset shifts worth 100x what you invested in this special program.

  Appreciation: After our summer months together, you will have the opportunity to continue with coaching at a special client rate.

Mel has trained extensively in the United Kingdom and is the only Certified Harmonizing Life Coach in the USA.
Your next step:

Let’s chat! Email me at to enroll. I am happy support you, answer any questions you may have, and to chat about the costs and details. 6 and 12 month coaching packages are also available.

More about Harmonizing Coaching

To Harmonize a life means cultivating a healthy foundation of self-awareness and self-esteem.

Having self-esteem means feeling good about oneself; it means we feel worthy of happiness, health, love, joy and forgiveness.

When we have healthy levels of self-esteem we have a sense of our strong personal power. Then, and only then, can we dance with life!

When our self-esteem isn’t in tact we feel frightened and vulnerable and we are open to life’s challenges as they breeze in and knock us over, stealing from us the precious joy of our existence on this planet.

If we don’t like who we are, if we allow others to walk over us, if we are self-critical and put ourselves down or constantly go to the back of the line, the impact on our lives can result in a lot of pain and mental anguish, which will ultimately result in low self-esteem.

Each of us has a purpose on this earth – which is not necessarily defined by work. This purpose will result in us feeling a sense of connection with our true selves. When we connect with our authentic selves, out spirit is alive, our hearts are on fire and we can enjoy the experience of life.

For so many of us, life can feel like an existence and the connection with the self becomes something of an illusion, so we battle through the journey of life. Other peoples’ needs and wants become more important than our own, our ideals become buried beneath the rubble of our existence, as our fears immobilize us and lack of self-belief ties us to the pain of the past, instead of liberating us into the joy of the future.

To build our self-esteem and ultimately our self-confidence, we must examine our beliefs about who we are and remind ourselves daily of our talents, our qualities and our abilities. We must dare to question our direction and learn to dream again…and by taking some very gentle baby steps, we can begin to build our foundation once again. This in turn will allow us to dance with life!

The experience is liberating, exciting, amazing and must be one of the best in the whole wide world!

Your adventure begins here.

“I ventured out from your office, in the spirit of harmony and Goddess Ostara…
new beginnings! So fresh and clear” 🙂

DebraCoaching Client

“What an awesome experience this has been, is, and will continue to be as I move through my visions, dreams, prayers, and seeing them unfold before me.”

CheriCoaching Client

“I had a magical and remarkable “ride” today…you are a marvelous mentor and fabulous friend!”

MargieNia Student
“Mel is awesome at Nia, and her coaching sessions opened my eyes to how I look and deal with issues in my life. They gave me positive energy that I got from not only Mel but the other women who were there. That along with the beautiful nature and great food made for an awesome time.”
KristinaNia Student & Retreat Guest

“Thank you so much for providing the space and teaching to further the growth of my body, mind and soul.”

ChrisNia Student & Retreat Guest

“I’ve found, in the several workshops I’ve done with Mel, she is a very high quality teacher. She is sensitive to every different student’s needs, has a close attention to detail, and always seems to know what tools, exercises, environment, and gifts to give that make her students feel safe, nurtured, and because of this, are able to go deeper inside themselves in growth experiences.”

KathleenNia student & Retreat Guest

“Mel radiates joy. Her Nia classes are invigorating, rejuvenating, and, of course, joyful. The Girlfriends Getaway is proof positive that there is an empowering magic to be found when women support each other in a way that nurtures the mind, body, spirit connection.”

KateNia Student & Retreat Guest

“I LOVED every moment of Mel’s retreat…The experience left me rejuvenated and filled with joy.  I danced by a mountain lake, deeply explored my personal goals and what brings me true happiness. A retreat and coaching with Mel is life changing.”

JulieNia Student & Retreat Guest

Let’s schedule a chat!

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