Hiya! I‘m Mel Stahl & I’m a Joyologist.

I am passionate about two things. Getting creative and having fun!

So, why choose just one when I can do both?

Let’s chat about GRAPHIC DESIGN and creative stuff over here.
Shimmy this way for BAREFOOT DANCE and movement!

“I ventured out from your office, in the spirit of harmony and Goddess Ostara…
new beginnings! So fresh and clear” 🙂

“What an awesome experience this has been, is, and will continue to be as I move through my visions, dreams, prayers, and seeing them unfold before me.”

“I had a magical and remarkable “ride” today…you are a marvelous mentor and fabulous friend!”

“Mel is awesome at Nia, and her coaching sessions opened my eyes to how I look and deal with issues in my life. They gave me positive energy that I got from not only Mel but the other women who were there. That along with the beautiful nature and great food made for an awesome time.”

“Thank you so much for providing the space and teaching to further the growth of my body, mind and soul.”

“I’ve found, in the several workshops I’ve done with Mel, she is a very high quality teacher. She is sensitive to every different student’s needs, has a close attention to detail, and always seems to know what tools, exercises, environment, and gifts to give that make her students feel safe, nurtured, and because of this, are able to go deeper inside themselves in growth experiences.”

“Mel radiates joy. Her Nia classes are invigorating, rejuvenating, and, of course, joyful. The Girlfriends Getaway is proof positive that there is an empowering magic to be found when women support each other in a way that nurtures the mind, body, spirit connection.”

“I LOVED every moment of Mel’s retreat…The experience left me rejuvenated and filled with joy.  I danced by a mountain lake, deeply explored my personal goals and what brings me true happiness. A retreat and coaching with Mel is life changing.”

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